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How does a virtual workshop work?

A virtual workshop is an interactive online session for the transfer of knowledge, which is conducted via a suitable communication medium like a video conferencing tool or a virtual event platform. This way trainers and participants don’t have to be in the same room. They don’t even have to be in the same city or time zone. With virtual training, you make it possible to impart knowledge innovatively in an interactive online environment. The difference to a simple learning video is the good connection between the participants through interactive content like Q&As or live chats. Also, teamwork through breakout sessions is possible. The advantages are not only lower travel costs and time savings, but also the possibility to record the sessions and offer it for consuming later or again. Documents and other materials can be shared directly without printouts and technologies like Mixed Reality help to visualize the content.

Everything you need on one platform

Important features for online workshops


Create a communicative learning environment.


Provide various   possibilities for interaction.


Analysis of the success of your online training.

rooomEvents trainings are made for satisfied participants, high engagement and vivid knowledge transfer. Augmented Reality offers the possibility to discover things virtually and get a deeper understanding of connections. Registration and ticketing are also integrated – that’s why we call it at an all-in-one platform.

Why should you host a virtual training?

Are you looking for a solution to train your customers without any travel costs or wasted time? Do you want to qualify your team quickly, flexibly and with little time expenditure? Then virtual trainings are what you are looking for! 

With live training sessions and on-demand content every participant can find the time to attend a class without missing out on anything. Through features like shared whiteboards, Q&As, breakout sessions, polls and little games, trainings can be varied and the participant’s needs can be addressed individually. Even complex things can be visualized trough AR just as vividly as in reality.

Attendee management and certification is much easier than in the real world. In addition, thanks to live tracking and analytics, you have an exact picture of how successful your online training was. And the best: content you produced once can be reused over and over again.

Benefits of online workshops

Train like a pro

How to host a digital training event

In a virtual training, each participant sits in front of his or her own screen. Non-verbal communication is only possible to a limited extend. That’s why it is extremely important in a virtual workshop to create a group dynamic through a good virtual event platform. This can be done through a live chat, breakout sessions and polls or a shared whiteboard. Splitting into group chats or video conferences can also be useful. You also need to think about how you will attract participants to your events, how registration will work, and how you will design the certificate awarding process. The ticketing and payment has to be clarified as well. A software or platform solution that covers all your ideas and wishes centrally can help you to save a lot of time and energy and allows you to concentrate on good content.

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Virtual workshops & webinars with rooomEvents

Easier onboardings & training

Which new employees need which onboardings? Which team members need a training? And who has already collected all certificates? With rooomEvents you can centrally manage and train your team. Access restrictions ensure that only authorized employees can view certain content.

Global accessibility for your audience

With rooomEvents you allow your employees and customers to learn remotely from anywhere in the world. The web-based platform can be accessed from any device 24/7. Even managing attendees in different time zones is no problem.

Interactive learning experiences

trainings that give a real workshop feeling. Live chats, emojis, interactive whitboards and polls provide interactivity - both between the coach and the audience and among the audience itself.

Engaging training events of any type

Live training

Conduct live video-based online courses and workshops with unlimited participants in your customized seminar room.

On-demand training

Pre-record sessions and make them available on demand for flexible attendance regardless of time and location.

Evergreen training

Work with reusable content that is continuously available in a virtual webinar room in real time, as if it was live.

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