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What is a virtual networking event?

You want to succeed in the business world? Networking is a huge part of that. It’s all about building and maintaining contacts as well as encouraging interactions. Team members, partner networksresellers or your clients can exchange information with peers in an inspiring virtual environmentThanks to different chat options, matchmaking features and interaction possibilities at a virtual networking event people can get in touch and exchange ideas in an easy and entertaining way. With live avatars, your participants can move in and out of conversations just as freely as they would at a real event and find the right people for their mission. Real business cards are replaced by digital business cards that can be exchanged with just a click. They can also be used for uncomplicated 1-on1 chat bookings and cannot slip out of the pocket. And a gigantic advantage compared to on-site events: New contacts between people who really need to get to know each other can be initiated through clever matchmaking. 

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Why host a virtual team event?

Especially if you have many locationsemployees hardly have the chance to meet in personSo a virtual meeting is an excellent option! No one has to leave work to travel for multiple days, and there are no travel expenses. A few hours and a few clicks are all it takes for your team to get to know each other, exchange ideas and develop exciting ideas. Invite your team to an interactive virtual event with avatars, networking carousel, games, image wall and much more. Create a corporate experience world to keep your team connected! 

Benefits of online networking

A new generation of social gatherings

How to host a digital networking event

To host a virtual networking event, you need to find a suitable event platform first. Make sure there are enough interaction opportunities and that your planned group size can be accommodated. Then you need to decide what options you want to offer to your guests and put together your event package accordingly. You also have to decide on a design. Platforms with a whitelabeling option allow you to present your brand. You should also calculate with presentation space for your sponsors and partners. But what would the virtual network event be without people! The invitation and registration process is also important and should be covered from the chosen event platform. What you should also think about right from the start is measuring success. After all, you want to know which networking tools went down best with your guests. 

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Have fun with online games

We even have a plan to keep the mood going with tired participants. Simply choose from various gamification features, e.g. a treasure hunt through your virtual event location, a funny selfie at the social image wall or even a round of auto scooters. That's how you keep the engagement up and let your networking or team event become a success.

The perfect tool for sharing ideas

Offer your participants private 1-on-1 chats, group chats or virtual round tables full of interaction. With matchmaking based on the specified interests, the attendees get proactive suggests of interesting conversation partners. In the networking carousel, unexpected conversations can be discovered.

Advanced event platform integrations

What was the name of the guy I discussed the brilliant business idea with? Networking is all about making profitable connections. But you also have to maintain them. That's why you should choose an event management platform like rooomEvents that seamlessly integrates with your existing software. This way, qualified leads are collected.

Social gatherings in the virtual world

Engaging networking events of any type

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Alumni networking event

Give alumnis a great opportunity to make valuable contacts with former fellow students and reconnect with old friends. Let them revive memories with the image wall and allow potential new students to interact with successful alumni. A virtual networking event with video chats, networking carousel and interactive breakouts is exactly the right tool.

Employee team event

Do you have multiple locations and a large influx of new workers? Break down geographical barriers and bring your team virtually together. Employees and managers can get to know each other through group channels as well as private conversations. Contests can be held and games can be played. Create a strong sense of team spirit despite physical separation with rooomEvents!

Partner event

Host your next partner summit in a digital format and let graphical hurdles just fizzle away. Invite agents, resellers, integrators and consultants to an immersive online event full of interaction. Track how many connections were made and which activity was used the most. Then make your next event even better!

Business networking event

Have you ever considered organizing a virtual meetup for a closed interest group? With rooomEvents, such a virtual business networking event is quickly planned. It's a great format for product launches and company announcements and gives the customer or partner base a comfortable feeling.

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rooomEvents gives you access to comprehensive success evaluations and statistics on your online networking event in realtime. This way you know what works out and each event will be better than the last.