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How does a virtual product launch work?

Virtual press conferences are ideal for announcing media briefings, new product launches and other important announcements in an easily accessible way. Anything is possible, from small media briefings to large-scale product launches. The presentations can be live or pre-recorded. A chat for questions and Q&A sessions gives the press and media representatives the opportunity to follow up in any case. A video on demand feature is a considerable advantage that major platforms offer. This allows the screening to be emailed to journalists who could not be there live and facilitates access to quotes and sound bites – win-win for both sides!

What you need

Important features for a digital press event

Product presentation

Showcase your products in 3D & AR 

Attendee management

Administrate user roles & measure success 


Interactive live streams with Q&A

Why host a virtual press event?

Having a good product is only step number one. It’s just as important to get the word out about the benefits of your ingenious product. The unlimited reach of a virtual press conference offers the ideal opportunity for a glamorous product launch with charisma. The virtual event can take place at anywhere and can be viewed from any location with an internet connection. This means that journalists and media representatives can also participate spontaneously without having to travel long distances. This, in turn, is easy on the environment and the media representatives’ piggy banks, because travel, accommodation and meals are not required. How ingenious is that? 

Benefits of digital product launches

Create experiences that stay in mind

How do I host a digital press conference?

The most important step in organizing a virtual product launch is choosing the appropriate event platform. Factors in the selection should include how many participants are planned, whether invitations and follow-up emails should be integrated, and whether the presentation should be recorded for later use. You also need to decide whether you want additional features such as chats, polling, document downloads or breakout sessions. In the best case, you can set up your virtual press event exactly the way you need it and simply reuse certain content at the next event. Once you have found a good platform, it will guide you step by step through all the phases, from sending the invitation, to streaming planning, to measuring success after the event. 

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Virtual product launches with rooomEvents

Innovative 3D product showcases

Have you ever given every single participant the chance to take a closer look at your product from all angles? In the virtual world, this dream is only one click away. Present your products in a virtual 3D showroom or exhibition booth! Even an Augmented Reality (AR) projection into one’s own office is possible.

Easy attendee management

With the rooomEvents all-in-one platform you get full support in attendee management. Nail the first impression with a coherent registration page, send e-mails to journalists directly via rooomEvents and provide a digital press kit for download. Even the tools from your regular workflow can be integrated!

Professional press conference streaming

Host an exciting live presentation that will blow your audience away. There are no limits to rooomEvents virtual stages. Speak live or use a pre-recorded video. Keep attendees engaged with live polling and integrated Q&A chats. The video on demand media library allows you to reach even more people after the live event.

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Success story: PR event

rooom experienceCloud launch

In September 2021, we proudly presented the rooom experienceCloud to a global press audience. In a special XR keynote, our management provided insights into the innovative, high-growth marketing tech company rooom, its vision and latest innovations.

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