rooomEvents Virtual Event Venues

Feature Overview

3D Virtual Venues

Virtual Exhibition

Partner Booth

Virtual Reality


Guided Tours

Treasure Hunting

Augmented Reality


Photo & live avatars

Feel good factor through friendly faces

Virtual Events need real people!

Bring your events to life with decorative avatars from our catalogue and individual avatars awaiting visitors at the exhibition booths. Participants can discover your event and interact with others with their custom 3D avatar.


3D spaces & Virtual Reality

Design your digital brand world

The future is 3D

rooom and 3D are like french fries and ketchup – better together. Choose from great templates for your 3D event space and create stunning exhibition booths! Use our database of 3D objects and discover a digital experience in Virtual Reality (VR).


Guided tours & treasure hunts

Create an unforgettable experience

Take them on a journey

You have put a lot of thought into your event space? Make sure your guests look at everything and send them on a treasure hunt for coins hidden all over the place or take them on a journey to explore the virtual world on a guided tour.


Augmented Reality

Let your content come alive

Discover a new dimension of reality

Your exhibitors can place 3D products in their booths to present them to the market. The integrated Augmented Reality (AR) feature allows visitors to project the products to any location in the real world for getting a feeling for size, texture and colour – without downloading an app!


EXPO-X virtual venue

Realistic expo feeling

Bring virtual expos to the next dimension

Welcome your visitors in the impressive EXPO-X lobby and engage them to explore your interactive trade show. Showcase your partners and exhibitors with 3D exhibition booths in walk-through event halls.

06 virtual venue

A world between now & tomorrow

Host your event in an exceptional environment

Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing world where concerts, festivals and cultural events take place on digital 3D stages. Express your emotions and connect with other participants from all over the world through personal avatars. Dance together in the digital space and just have a great time!