Digital performances

How does a virtual concert work?

The pandemic has made normal cultural activities impossible for a long time. And it is still not sure when and in what extent art, music and culture can return to their former glory. Virtual concerts, festivals and cultural events can offer organizers, cultural professionals and end customers a real alternative by going far beyond the usual live stream.  

Participants buy online tickets and can then get involved in the digital action in the form of a self-customized avatar. Artists finally get direct feedback again through live emojis, and the crowd does not just stare at the screen but stays in a real audience with other people. Chats can be started and interesting contacts are initiated via matchmaking. In this way, virtual concerts offer all participants real added value and will be able to maintain their permanent place in the cultural well beyond the pandemic. 

What you need

Important features for digital culture platforms

Virtual venue

Create a unique atmosphere with a futuristic event location

Social interaction

Keep the audience not only watching – engage them with interactive features

Sponsors & partners

Offer your sponsors and partners a great bunch of presentation options

Why host a digital concert?

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Digital concerts and cultural events enable artists, event agencies, concert organizers and co. to finally generate sales again via online tickets. At the same time, the format enables real-time interaction between artists and fans, so that real event felling is in the air. Participation and communication are independent of geographical barriers, and the number of participants does not have to be restricted by the physical space of an event hall. And the highlight: With a virtual event location, there are no limits to the design. Every concert, every art show and every festival can vibrate in the exact atmosphere that fits.  

Benefits of a virtual music event

Create unique music experiences

How to host a virtual festival or concert

To bring online concerts and virtual music festivals to life, a virtual venue as well as a platform with a truckload of innovative tools and features is a must have! The right software lets you centrally manage events, ensure that privacy is respected and that your content is safe. After all, video piracy costs billions of dollars every year. In this context, it is important that the platform you choose offers extensive branding capabilities. This way you can present your own branding and logos of sponsors or bands in a clearly visible way.  

You want to invite international stars? Then you should check on the audience limit. After all, you want to offer all fans the chance to be part of the future of events. Last but not least: check out the analytics possibilities during and after your digital event. The more you know about your audience, the better you can plan your next event and be among the pioneers of a new event era. 

Host your event with rooomEvents

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A world between now & tomorrow - your virtual event location

A mesmerizing island in the ocean, designed to create unique concert and culture experiences: The flexible environment of allows you to build an immersive experience world. Using the state-of-the-art networking and engagement features of rooomEvents, your audience has countless opportunities to connect. Each attendee can design their own fancy avatar, create a profile, and engage in the event with live emojis. Artificial intelligence can transfer your facial expressions and gestures to the virtual world in real-time. Explore digital booths, futuristic stores and take a selfie with the headliner using Augmented Reality. Even Virtual Reality live performances are possible, where you can find yourself in the middle of the action. 

Virtual music & culture with rooomEvents

Interactive event experiences

With rooomEvents you can create a concert feeling like no stream could ever before. The avatars can dance in front of the stage and applaud through live emojis. Chats among each other or in groups are also possible. And even the artists can exchange information directly with their audience via Q&A or chat.

Security & GDPR

rooomEvents by rooom is founded in Germany. Our servers meet the highest security standards, and your data is handled according to European data protection laws. We make sure that your live streams and media library are safe and cannot be sold illegally by third parties.

Monetize your event

To enter the fascinating world of, your guests need to subscribe to the event platform. This entitles them to visit the platform and enjoy regular music events, including yours. In this way, organizers and artists receive a regular source of income. Integrate a virtual merchandise store or booth to generate additional sales!

Music & culture in the virtual world

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Virtual live concerts

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rooomEvents is the solution for all your upcoming events. We want to be your partner for the long term. To make you feel well taken care of, we offer exclusive personal support, a broad knowledge base and a brilliant video onboarding. 

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