Attract talent with a digital hiring event

What is a virtual hiring event?

A virtual career fair is an online event where employers and job seekers come together in a digital environment. Employers can present themselves, their departments and vacancies at booths, on jobwall and microsites, in presentations and in interactive breakouts. People interested in internships and jobs can browse and inform themselves after registration, uploading a resume and filling out a questionnaire about their interests and experiences.

The difference to a normal career fair is an unlimited number of participants who can attend regardless of location without travel and accommodation costs. This means that all potential employees can take part without any barriers, even those who have little time or lack the money to travel. They simply register, log in with their desktop or mobile device and start visiting information booths, presentations and group sessions. They can learn about job opportunities and company culture and are able to ask their questions. To make sure no one misses out on something, presentations can be pre-recorded and offered on-demand. Even first job interviews can be conducted directly – either by request of the employer or by appointment booking by the applicant. 

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Why host a digital career event?

Finding qualified new employees, trainees and interns takes a lot of time and money. Competition for skilled workers is fierce, and companies should make it as easy as possible for job seekers to inform themselves. A compelling virtual career fair has low participation barriers, is entertaining and offers employers access to a large pool of talented applicants – even global if desired. Tracking and matchmaking make it much easier to select suitable candidates, and job interviews can be booked directly through the integrated calendar. The number of participants is unlimited, as everyone can get information at the same time, both in the presentations and chats as well as at the booths. No one has to stand in line, and no one has the desire to leave early because the event is overcrowded. Pre-recorded content can be accessed again and again. Both applicants and employers get exactly what they are looking for. That’s why digital career events are a blast!

Benefits of a virtual career fair

It’s all about people

How do I host a virtual career fair?

For easy planning and implementation of a digital job fair, a comprehensive online event platform such as rooomEvents [link to Platform feature page] is recommended.  This allows you to centrally manage all aspects of the event: registration, ticketing, hall and booth design, streaming and chats, management of collected expos and contacts, and of course tracking. Then it is important to define the target group of your event. Do you want to convince students of the benefits of jobs in your company or do you want to attract experienced professionals to come to your company? Plan appropriate lectures, presentations and Q&A rounds and ask for experiences and interests during registration. This way, you can quickly get an overview of suitable candidates and present your company culture and advantages in the best possible way. 

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Digital recruiting fairs with rooomEvents

Schedule audio & video meetings

Meet face-to-face with candidates and schedule interviews directly on the platform via audio or video call. Use the easy scheduling solution via the business card, that also allows candidates to book a time slot. A conversation needs a more private setting? Use the breakout room.

Get real-time data

rooomEvents provides you with real-time data on how many attendees are currently at your event, where they spend most of their time, and how many appointments are booked. This gives you insight into audience behaviour and allows you to continuously improve your strategy.

Microsites for your job offers

With the rooomEvents Job module, you can present all your open positions centrally and clearly on a microsite. This way, potential applicants can quickly find an interesting offer and can also get more detailed information directly. The jobwall offers another way to find a new employee.

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Design custom booths for any company, department, or job opportunity. You can optimize your communication with custom graphics and content as well as links to social media or websites. Self-selected virtual avatars invite the guests with a friendly smile and are available to book a consultation easily and intuitively.

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We support you during the entire conception. With our professional project managers, you have competent contact persons at your side for all questions. We take care of everything that is important!

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With our service package, your partners and visitors receive professional onboarding, for example via video tutorial. We are also ready to answer the questions of all participants during the event using the support chat.

Analytics & evaluations

Extensive statistics and success evaluations of your online event (page views, dwell time, products in demand, viewers at streams, etc.) in real-time are available when booking the user tracking module.