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What is a smart learning platform?

A smart learning space is a hybrid learning environment that enables fluid transitions between digital and analogue learning processes. Knowledge is not imparted in traditional, fix-scheduled learning units, but is available on demand anytime and anywhere. In this way, learners can acquire new knowledge whenever and wherever they are fully motivated and all the conditions are right. A hybrid smart learning environment can consist of pre-recorded explainer videos, interactive webinars, group work tools, and immersive 3D content. This can be explored either in the virtual environment or also as augmented 3D objects in the physical environment. This content can be bundled as individual elements of a smart learning journey in a learning lounge with an intuitive user interface and an inviting atmosphere.

All you need

Important features for smart learning

All-in-one platform

Manage attendees, spaces and content centrally including tracking

Virtual event spaces

Offer innovative designed virtual learning environments that fit your attendees and topics


Keep your audience engaged with polls, games, social image wall und chat features

Why smart learning?

Smart learning book with dinosuar in AR

With smart learning environments, you focus on an independent and individual learning process. The aim is to make teaching materials and instructions available anywhere and at any time. This means that people who want to learn can participate in your education offerings without having to travel, free of all barriers. An intuitive user interface and low technical requirements make the offering attractive for every age group. As an employer, for example, you can reach every employee and meet them at exactly the level they are currently at. If learning content is combined with positive and emotional experiences, learning effectiveness will increase. The integration of technologies such as AR or VR generates excitement and fun and thus offers the best conditions for sustainable knowledge transfer.

Benefits of smart learning environments

Island as a smart learning environment

Create experiences, not lessons

How to create a smart learning environment

The most important step in building a smart learning environment is selecting a suitable platform. To do this, ask yourself how customizable and creative you want your environment to be, how many people will use it, and how many extra tools you want to use for administration, registration, tracking, and on-demand database. You’ll also need to decide if you want didactic features like chats, polls, games, quizzes, document downloads or breakout sessions. Good streaming and video quality are an absolute must and mixed reality capabilities should also be provided. As an all-in-one platform, rooomEvents from rooom offers the possibility to design learning spaces completely individually and to map all aspects of your event centrally. In addition, the learning process can be enhanced with small games, treasure hunts and a networking carousel. A platform like this offers you a multitude of possibilities to respond to individual user needs and to maintain a central overview of everything. If you can find qualified coaches who also work well in front of the camera, there’s nothing standing in the way of your digital students’ learning success.

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Smart learning with rooomEvents

Immersive learning through 3D

Engage your attendees and create learning experiences with long-term impact. How? By incorporating interactive, animated 3D content that users can explore in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). This can be prototypes, machines or even application examples. 3D and AR can be accessed and interactively explored directly on a mobile device without any extra download. VR experiences are possible optionally when using a VR headset.

Smart learning lounge

rooomEvents enables you to create your smart learning environment as an innovative learning lounge – open 24/7. Fill the space as a hybrid vernissage with video content that can be viewed on virtual screens. Integrate info graphics, multimedia information and visualizations on digital tablets and picture frames.  For questions, provide a Q&A chat, enable group conversations, and provide an interactive whiteboard. This way everyone can focus on the topic that interests them most. 

Easy attendee management

Everyone who wants to enter your smart learning environment has to register. With rooomEvents, this all works automatically, including ticketing, reminder e-mails and certification. Even knowledge level and interests can be queried during registration. This way, the content can be played out according to the respective user and everyone gets exactly what they need.

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We support you in the entire conception of your smart learning environment. Our professional learning experience designers and project managers are on hand to answer any questions you may have. Together we co-create awesome experiences.

Personal onboarding

With our service package, your visitors receive professional onboarding, for example via video tutorial. In addition, we are available to all participants for questions via the support chat.

Analytics & evaluations

Extensive statistics and success evaluations of your smart learning platform are available when you book the user tracking module.