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How does a hybrid event work?

Hybrid events combine all the advantages of digital events with those of in-person events. For this purpose, a live online event takes place at the same time as an in-person event. Everything must be coordinated perfectly, so that the two parts of the event do not take place completely separately, but complement each other. Speakers and participants, whether live or online, can communicate with each other. Online content can be accessed by everyone, and information material can also be made available on both sites. Those who live nearby can enjoy the hustle and bustle of a traditional event. Simply connect on-site and stroll through the event site. Those who want to save time and travel costs while enjoying the multiple networking and engagement features of a digital event can simply participate online. An event platform for hybrid events is needed to elegantly bridge this gap.

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Why host a hybrid event?

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Hybrid events make sense whenever an event needs to take full advantage of digital content, but still serve on-site customers. One huge advantage is the unlimited number of participants in the virtual space. On a well set up platform, up to 200,000 participants can network online at the same time, which can generate a lot of leads. In addition, there is also much greater visibility for sponsors. This is partly because space online is not as strictly limited as in a real location, but also because participants from further away can take part without incurring travel costs or waste of time. In addition, since these online attendees also buy tickets, revenue can be increased significantly. And that’s not all: a hybrid format also offers great benefits after the event took place. For example, tracking provides a lot of data about what went well and what was well received. Content can also easily be saved and reused for the next event.

Benefits of a hybrid event

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One event - two experiences

How to host a hybrid event

A successful hybrid event is about the balance between in-person event and online event. All participants should be able to share the same event spirit. Content should be accessible to both groups of participants in one way or another, and communication among all participants must also be ensured. A tried-and-tested platform for hybrid events provides a seamless link between the two parts. Participants can be managed centrally; agendas can be planned and success can be measured. It is particularly important to have a reliable streaming solution and good speakers who are comfortable in front of a camera. For global events, you also need to make sure you are smart about dealing with different time zones. An attendee from Boston is not likely to attend a keynote that takes place at 9 am in Frankfurt. In these cases, make content available on demand or schedule key presentations live multiple times. Again, the right platform will help you to stay on top of things.

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Hybrid events with rooomEvents

Excellent streaming options

rooomEvents offers you the possibility to easily broadcast your in-person presentations to your virtual audience around the globe. You can also webcast your remote speakers to your live audience. Live Q&As, polls and live emojis for your in-person and virtual audiences can round out the experience.

Awesome ROI for sponsors & partners

Hybrid events on rooomEvents offer a lot of spotlight space for your sponsors and partners. Offer them microsites, give them a booth in the virtual exhibition and in the real location and present them on posters on site and online. Virtual advertising banners with individual branding are also possible. This way your messages will reach countless eyes and drive leads.

Virtual business cards & matchmaking

Let your attendees connect intuitively, regardless of where they are attending your event from. Enable all attendees to connect using networking features, virtual business cards, as well as video and text chats. Get opinions through hybrid polls, Q&As, and surveys. In this way, everyone feels involved!

What’s your next hybrid event?

Hybrid conference or summit

Bring together brilliant speakers and interested audiences of an industry – digitally and in real life at the same time. Host interactive live streams where everyone can participate in one way or another and provide on-demand videos. Live polls, Q&A discussions, and online games encourage knowledge sharing and bring all participants together interactively.

Hybrid expo or trade fair

Reach a global audience with a hybrid trade show. Demonstrate your new products both live and in 3D in the digital space. Use regular booths and 3D booths, virtual avatars, and fun networking features that everyone can profit from. After the event, the digital part with showrooms and 3D product viewers can stay online to further fuel your marketing. 

Hybrid networking events

Good contacts are the essence of the business world. with a hybrid networking event, you can bring new contacts on the way and help maintain existing contacts – even globally. Those who don’t mind traveling can meet face to face in the traditional way, while those who have less time or are traveling elsewhere in the world can join in virtually. Chats, games and matchmaking get the social ball rolling. 

Hybrid hiring events

Invite potential employees or students to get a first impression of your company – in person and also digitally. This way, everyone can participate without barriers in the way they prefer. Present your job offers on the virtual job wall, which is accessible to all, and answer questions in hybrid Q&A sessions. Live presentations can also be streamed online, digital speakers can also be watched on-site.

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User Story

IFA Xtended Space

A hybrid event setting new standards: The IFA takes place in Berlin and is considered the leading trade fair for the global electronics industry. As a pioneer in hybrid events, IFA 2020 has shown that digital event platforms like rooomEvents can offer real additional value.

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