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All-in-one platform for hybrid & virtual events

rooomEvents by rooom is an easy to use comprehensive platform for hosting memorable online and hybrid events full of interaction and engagement. Plan, organize and track all your internal and external events centrally on one platform.

Events with unlimited scalability

rooomEvents has been successfully used for global events with more than 200,000 simultaneous participants. Accessible through virtually any internet-enabled device, online events in 3D are possible without the need for a VR headset.

Enterprise event management

Manage all aspects of your event on one platform - no matter if in-person, hybrid or virtual. The platform is accessible across all industries, anywhere, anytime 24/7 and 365 days a year directly via browser.

Built for engagement & interaction

Get your visitors engaged by offering them irresistible opportunities to interact. That is how connections are built and leads are generated.

Measure your event success

rooomEvents provides you with data tracking, insights and lead scoring - all 100% privacy compliant. Evaluate the success of your online event and use the insights to get better with every event.


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Unleash your potential - features for virtual events


Platform infrastructure

Enjoy a smooth & centralized workflow

All-in-one virtual event platform with extensive backend

rooomEvents is your all-in-one event platform for all kinds of virtual or hybrid events with a comprehensive and intuitive administration waiting for you. Optimized for a central and clear organization of events, including multi-event management. Dive right in and host the best event your audience has ever seen!



Bring networking to the next dimension

More interaction & proven templates

Offer your audience a sustainable added value through versatile networking experiences with interactive features. Get contact suggestions with the matchmaking feature and experience the social magic of the rooomEvents networking area!



Let your audience have an active part

Engagement is our key feature!

Engage your visitors by making them irresistible offers for interaction. Host vivid presentations and let your attendees get to know each other between the sessions. Liven up the agenda with breakout sessions and games. No one will drop out early ever again!



Enjoy professional streaming solutions

Broadcasting & streaming services

Digital and hybrid events thrive on compelling streams and high-quality videos. Look forward to brilliant shows on your stage that will captivate the virtual crowd. Enjoy live streams with integrated Q&A chats, Video-on-Demand, XR stages and live emojis!



Measure your impact

Fully integrated analytics & insights

How many people visited your event and how many leads were generated? How many chats and video calls took place? How many users attended the live stream? And how much attention did your products attract? The integrated rooomEvents analytics will tell you. Use the data export and easily share the results with your team.



The right tool for every task

rooomEvents Integrations & APIs

The right tool for every task? rooomEvents is your ultimate event management multitool! Thanks to many intuitive integrations rooomEvents can include registration, ticketing, and payments, as well as data import and export. Simply integrate your preferred video conferencing tool or CRM software!


Partners & sponsors

Let your sponsors shine

Virtual event sponsorship solutions

Place logos and interactive content on all the 2D and 3D elements you like: Whether it is a virtual sponsor wall, a branding on the image wall, in the live stream, at the round table or in an online game – there are no limits!


Immersive event spaces

Create your digital brand world

Virtual venues for an immersive event experience

Experience how unique event locations and 3D environments can set your event apart from others. Let your audience walk through vibrant halls, meet other participants as avatars and discover products in 3D, Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Digital & hybrid event solutions

Hybrid expos & tradeshows

Reach a global audience and generate enthusiasm for your products through an engaging event format with immersive walk-in exhibition halls, 3D booths, avatars and entertaining networking features.
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Digital conferences & summits

Bring big players and newbies of your market segment together in one place without traveling, via live stream or on-demand video. Liven up your virtual conference experience with live polls, Q&A discussions and online games.
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Concerts, festivals & cultural events

Created by leading artists, the future of digital culture has arrived. Be among the pioneers of a new era of virtual socializing. Stage amazing music events and art exhibitions in a virtual event space to reach a global audience!
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Social gatherings

Memorable shared experiences strengthen the team spirit of your company. Invite your team to an interactive virtual event with avatars, networking carousel, games, image wall and much more. Create a corporate experience world to keep your team connected!
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Online training & workshops

Create an innovative virtual smart learning experience to share your knowledge and achieve the best learning results. The interactive platform with it's immersive digital environments will inspire your participants to create smarter innovations.
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Recruiting & career fairs

Open the virtual doors to let potential employees or students get an impression of your company. Provide information at digital booths, present your job offers at the virtual job wall and answer questions in Q&A sessions. That's how you find new team members.
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$899  /month
$899  /month
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  • Digital & Hybrid
Event Platform
  • Video Streaming 
  • Video On Demand
  • Networking
  • Analytics
  • Support
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$1739 /month
$1739 /month
  • All
from Organizer
  • 3D Lobby
  • Engagement
  • Sponsor Management
  • Advanced Networking
  • Advanced Support
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  • All
from Director
  • Advanced Sponsor Management
  • Advanced Engagement
  • 3D Exhibition Hall
  • 3D Partner Booths
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from Producer
  • Advanced 3D Content
  • Live Avatars
  • Custom API
  • Integrations
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  • individual package 
  • individual 3D Content
  • individual set of features
  • Design the event you need!
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